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An illustrated guide to agroforestry

A small practical manual designed to enchant and present
agroforestry to the general public.

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This is a non-profit project and all the raised money is destined for the project itself, for example in the donation of printed manuals for socio-environmental educational projects. Donate here.


We have a network of partners translating the manual into several languages. Do you want to organize the translation into a new language? Contact us and help us sow agroforests around the world!

About this project

The idea of this project occur from the need we had for a simple material that would serve as a support to present what is agroforestry in a relaxed and fun way. With the help and support of many people and the motto “from each drawing emerges a seed”, the manual became a reality. Now we continue the journey, co-creating new versions for the most diverse languages and beginning to think about how to make the production of an expanded second edition under the careful guidance of experienced agroforestry farmers.
Lets Agroflorestry!

About us

João Lotufo is PaulaLamela’s husband. Permaculturist, teacher, biologist and msc by the University of Wageningen, NL. Uses Bora Permaculturar to support initiatives that seek an agroecological transition.

Cesar Trevelin is a biologist that does illustration and photography activities. He also participates in the Curare Group of Permaculture, acting as an educator and developing permaculture designs.



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